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StyleGaze is the only AI platform that instantly translates Social Media and Ecommerce data into actionable fashion trend insights.

Stop doing slow & outdated

Fashion Trend Research

  • Manually collecting fashion visuals
  • Subjectively interpreting the trends
  • Poorly communicating trends

One Powerful Platform for Comprehensive

Fashion Trend Research

Extensive Trend Data Collection

StyleGaze quickly gathers vast amounts of fashion visuals from various sources (social media, e-commerce, runway) to give you a 360-degree view of your consumers and market.

Accurate and Reliable Trend Insights

Get AI insights tailored to your target customer's fashion preferences, backed by precise, data-driven trend research to make intelligent and profitable design decisions.

Clear and Actionable Trend Visuals

Easily visualize fashion trends and break them down by categories, demographics, and attributes using custom filters to enhance communication and team collaboration.

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